computational microscopy

Our research

We develop computational microscopy technologies for scalable analysis of biological systems. Our research jointly optimizes the optical design and inverse algorithms to reveal physical properties of living systems with increasing precision, resolution, and throughput. We develop machine learning approaches to gain biological insights from this rich data.

Our technologies are designed to be effective across scales of organelles, cells, organoids, and tissues. We pursue discovery of biological mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities in collaboration with Chan Zuckerberg Biohub’s initiatives, platforms, and university partners. Our interdisciplinary research spans fields of optics, inverse algorithms, machine learning, and biophysics.

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Our current technological research is focused on:

  • Label-free imaging of density and order across biological scales
  • Measurement of nanoscale order among molecules.
  • Inverse algorithms for vectorial imaging
  • Machine learning algorithms to transform voxels into measurements

We pursue collaborative biological research in:

  • Mapping myelination, cell types, and connectivity in brain tissue.
  • Analyzing lifecycle and biogenesis of viruses in host cells to discover new therapeutic opportunities.
  • Understanding architectural basis of organelle function.

The lab

Shalin Mehta, Ph.D.

Platform Leader

Postdoc: Human Frontier Science Program Fellow, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole

PhD: Optics, National University of Singapore

Syuan-Ming Guo, Ph.D.

R&D Engineer

PhD & Postdoc: MIT, focusing on physical chemistry and data analysis.

Ivan Ivanov, Ph.D.

R&D Engineer

PhD: Stanford University, focusing on single-molecule biophysics.

Li-Hao Yeh, Ph.D.

R&D Engineer

PhD: University of California Berkeley, focusing on computational optics

Bryant Chhun, M.S.

R&D Engineer

Imaging Scientist: Singular Bio

MS: UCSF, focusing on super-resolution microscopy.


Past members

Lienna Chan, Intern, UC Berkeley

Medha Somayaji, Intern, UC Berkeley

Andrew Chen, Intern, UC Berkeley

Michael Wu, Intern, Stanford

Jaehee Park, Contract R&D Engineer, now at Ramona Optics

Elliot Mount, R&D Engineer, now at System1 Bioscience

Interested in working with us?

To inquire about opportunities, send an email with a CV, and concise statements of your scientific interests and career interests. We value strong foundation, good work ethic, and interest in solving important problems with collaborative colleagues over past experience in our areas of focus.

If you are based at one of the three partner universities (UC Berkeley, UCSF, and Stanford), we have mechanisms for internships and long-term collaborations.